Tips for resume writing:

These are just 6 Seconds which a recruiter takes before accepting or rejecting a resume after a review. A piece of paper is of huge importance because it will give your career a whole new life or puts you under immense depression.

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Review your resume yourself and make sure that the final product is good to go to the job hunt market. Following are the checklist which will help you to review your resume by yourself and get an impression that whether your resume can get the attention of an employer or not.

First Impression is the Last Impression”

  • Resume should look original and it shouldn’t look template based.
  • Does resume is having sufficient white spacing and it is attracting the reader to read it thoroughly?
  • The design should look very professional rather than like a simple typing job?
  • The career summary section should be included and it must depict a clear picture of who you are!
  • The resume length and content should match your sector and industry.

Look of the Resume:

  • The resume should be eye catching and it should be visually very clear and prominent.
  • Font should be matching the industry requirements.
  • The design of the resume should be such that which is focusing on the accomplishments clearly.
  • White spacing and content should have the right balance.
  • Margins of the resume should be consistent.
  • Second page should contain the contact information and enough content i.e. at least half of the page should be covered.

Part of the Resume:

  • The order of the resume should be chosen according your expertise and experience.
  • Resume should be in chronological order.

Goal of the Career:

  • Resume should target a specific industry and should be optimize according to that specific industry.
  • If resume is for a career change then it should contain the supporting information that leads to that career.

Accomplishments in the Resume:

  • Career accomplishments should be listed in a way that your resume stands out from the crowd.
  • Quantifiable skills should be added but they should be added in a very professional way.
  • Accomplishments should be added with an adjective at the start of the statement.
  • Responsibilities and accomplishments shouldn’t be added together and they must be separated.

Relevance of the Information:

  • The information should be very relevant to the hiring manager’s need.
  • The resume content must support your career summary.
  • Industry acronyms should be added.
  • Unrelated information e.g. hobbies etc. shouldn’t be added.

Writing style of the Resume:

  • Resume should not include the first person speech and the words like I, My, We, Our, Us.
  • The content of the resume should have a very professional flow.
  • Resume should not contain any grammatical and typos in it.