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Professionally Written Resumes/CVs

You are probably new to the concept of resume writing by someone else regardless of your own writing skills as it is sometimes a very frustrating process of writing your own resume/CV because sometimes after all the hard work you didn’t find the required job and this is actually the whole point of getting professional help by having your resume written by a professional resume writer. A professional writer gives you an unbiased and useful feedback of your current resume/CV and if he feels appropriate then he’ll recommend you to submit your resume for a professional and eye catching resume that will help you to get the required job.

Following are some FAQ’s which might be in your mind as well. We want you to come to us with a very clear mind so that we can conclude our session effectively.

Does eResumeWriters have writers from my industry/sector?

We have a huge network of writers with over 300 writers specialized in diverse industries.

We will assign you the writer who’s is aware of the terms and key words of your specific industry and he’ll optimize your resume according to the field in which you want to apply.

Does eResumeWriters use template of the resume/CV?

A brief answer is NO.

EResumeWriters understand the norms and standards of your industry and work accordingly. However now a day’s majority of the employers are using applicant tracking system for screening process.

Its means that your resume may got stuck in the screening process and you are unable to cross the hurdle of that screening process even if you have got the required skills and expertise for that job. Our writers make your resume able to cross that hurdle and allow you to appear in the interviews.

Can I need one professionally written Resume for all the jobs I apply for?

It’s myth that you need a separate resume for each job you are applying for because a customized resume is sufficient for all the jobs unless you are changing you career. New resume tips say a clean and distinguished single resume is immensely more valuable than over-engineered custom resumes.

A professionally crafted resumes/CV’s normally starts with a career summary having the overview of your experience. You can tweak this section slightly to make it more relevant for the job you’re applying for. Otherwise, if your resume is in good shape, you can use it for all your applications. However cover letter is a type of professional document that should be customized for each job application. Custom your cover letter to call out your accomplishments and abilities which are pertinent to the specific position.

If I’m re-joining the workforce, how my Resume should look like?

If you’ve been out of the workforce since a while then it is essential to portray in the resume that your skills are not outdated and are up-to-date. Majority of employers are no longer get surprised by gaps in employment history. A professionally crafted resume/CV will showcase that your skills are relevant for the job, eliminating any concerns about the gaps in employment. That in turn gives you more confidence when interviewing.

What if I’m changing careers, what do I include in my Resume/CV?

You need to highlight your current skills and abilities which are relevant to the new position you are looking for. You must contact a professional resume writer who specializes in the new field so that they can draft a resume which can highlights your transferable skills. That way, even though your skills are from outside that field, it’ll be clear that you will benefit companies despite coming from a different role.

Does it matter if I’m a bit older?

A common myth is that your age serves as a hindrance between you and your job. But now it is not true because if your resume presents your skills and abilities in a way that it doesn’t depict your age clearly then you are all set to step into the job hunt market.

I have got my Resume/CV professionally written but I am not getting desired interview calls. Do I need to have it rewritten again?

Each and every resume writing company has their own norms and standards and the service you might have opted hasn’t have the right knowledge of industry you are looking for and they might not have incorporated the right keywords and didn’t optimize it according to the field you are looking for. But our company has the right knowledge of each and every industry due to the diversified team of writers. We are also giving you 50 days interview call guarantee as well.

General Resume Tips

Should I add “Objective” section in the Resume/CV?

If you are a fresh graduate and recently entered the market for job search then it is important to add objective portion in the resume in order to give your resume a direction towards specific industry.

Does the format of my Resume really matter?

Absolutely Yes! Visual appearance of your Resume/CV is far more important than content as well. Because if your Resume/CV is visually uneven, alignment is not up to the mark, extra white spacing exits, and/or it is crowded then potential employers might reject it without even reading it because it was not looking professional at all. You need to give a proper space for each section in the Resume/CV in order to attract the employers. Concluding it I would say that formatting matters a lot.

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What should I expect if I hire the services of eResumeWriters?

Step 1:

Answer few questions and share your current Resume/CV in order to get started.

Step 2:

Your writer will draft an eye catching Resume/CV that will market your skills and experience in a refined form.

Step 3:

Download your brand new Resume/CV and stat applying for your desired jobs and get 2x interview calls within the next few days.

How long will it take before I can get my brand new Resume?

Normally, you’ll get your new resume within a week including revisions; It is very rare that this service gets 2 weeks. If that’s not quick enough, we do offer the option for a rush order.

What if I need to edit my Resume/CV in the future? Will my Resume/CV be in an editable format?

Absolutely yes! You can edit your resume yourself, as it will be in MS doc. format.

Can I get started right now?

Yes, Simple! Visit our checkout page and choose the best option for you.